Choosing Case Study For Dissertation Research Methodology

Are you worried about writing your case study dissertation? Perhaps you've never written a case study before and now this case study thesis is looming. Don't worry, a case study is just a specialized type of research where you study a real case. You will need to do a lot of research on the company and interview the senior management. A case study steps beyond theoretical examples into how things really work in the real world.

Using A Case Study Dissertation Example

There are many examples of case study papers available, including qualitative case study dissertation examples. The most important thing to remember is that these are examples and you should not copy them in any way. The ideas presented in example papers are protected by copyright laws. You can use them to see what others have done successfully and maybe they will spark ideas for your own paper.

The Case Study Dissertation Proposal

Preparing the proposal is the first significant writing you will do on your thesis. Your proposal should include:

  • A research problem that your case study will address
  • An introduction to the case studies that will be included in your research and what kinds of data will be included
  • A plan for gathering the data
  • An introduction to the case study dissertation methodology to be used

Dissertation Formats

Once you've had your proposal approved, you will spend a lot of time gathering data. You also need to consider the case study dissertation format that you will use to present the data. Your university may have a recommended case study dissertation structure that you are expected to follow. Check with your advisor to be sure you know exactly what is expected before you begin to write, and preferably before you collect the data. Knowing what is expected allows you to make sure you get all of the needed data.

Finding Help

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